SigEp Stromboli

On November 15, 2017 the Ohio Theta chapter of SigEp held their annual Stromboli fundraiser supporting the chapter’s service trip. The successful event attracted students from all over Clifton to the SigEp house for delicious homemade Stromboli.

SigEp Stromboli is an event that fosters community involvement for its first year members. First year Sigmas are a big part of the event with serving, setting up, cooking, and cleanup. A schedule was put in place and brothers held each other accountable. The SigEp basement became a portal Italy. Decorations and lights were put up and the stromboli goers were pleased with the atmosphere and product. The great success of SigEp Stromboli isn’t possible without brother buy in. Not only does the event allocate money for the service trip but also stimulates involvement in the chapter. Bringing brothers together for a greater cause benefits the chapter in numerous ways. Brothers relayed on eachother and learned how to work better and be able to delegate tasks. The event has become a trademark of SigEp.

The event was started in 2014 and has improved immensely from its humble beginnings. Two years ago the event increased to a $1100 profit all put towards the chapter’s service trip and has stayed consistent through 2017. Support from the local community is much appreciated and SigEp will continue fundraising and supporting their service trip through the Stromboli events for years to come.