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Why are we different?

“This Fraternity Will Be Different”. These words, spoken by SigEp Founder Carter Ashton Jenkens, set the foundation for Sigma Phi Epsilon. Upon joining Sigma Phi Epsilon – Ohio Theta, men become full members as part of the Balanced Man Program. The BMP offers a no-pledging, no hazing, continuous development experience to prepare brothers for the journey of life ahead. As new members, brothers build a foundation in the Sigma Challenge by learning about SigEp’s cardinal virtues and an understanding of the Greek Community. Upon completion, brothers progress to the Phi Challenge which focuses on personal and professional development. Members in the Phi Challenge will look forward to being mentors to younger members, taking part in the Phi Fitness Challenge and experiencing leadership opportunities in and outside of SigEp. The next step is the Epsilon Challenge. As an Epsilon, members become “Brothers for Others” and become leaders in the chapter. Finally, the Brother Mentor Challenge involves getting prepared for life after college and identify where the SigEp experience will take them next.

Why Join Us?

SigEp’s Mission is “Building Balanced Men”.  With these words, we capture the essence of SigEp’s value to its members; charting a course for men to live their best lives by embracing our cardinal principles of Virtue, Diligence and Brotherly Love and committing to the practice of Sound Mind, Sound Body. Ohio Theta’s development program, in conjunction with being a Residential Learning Community, gives brothers an experience to prepare them for more than just their college careers. Programs promoting our virtues and principles include, Nutrition Seminars, resume workshops, an annual service trip, seeing CCM performances, and two retreats each year focusing on building brotherhood.

Our chapter has over 100 brothers, 4 full time faculty fellows, brothers involved in over 50+ organizations on campus, has won the Overall Premiere Chapter Award at the University of Cincinnati 5 out of the last 6 years, and has consistently been ranked in the TOP 1% of all SigEp chapters nationally. A testament to the past successes and future endeavors of Sigma Phi Epsilon.

Common Concerns and Misconceptions

I don’t have time to join a fraternity, get involved on campus, and get good grades: Being in a fraternity takes up less time than you might think. Our members participate in many student organizations, maintain a chapter GPA of 3.30, win in intramural sports, rack up hundreds of hours of community service, and still find time to relax and have fun.

I don’t have the money to join:  We keep the dues as low as possible, and our dues are among the lowest of the fraternities at UC. The dues cover membership fees and social events. If you live in the house, your total costs would likely be lower than if you lived on campus or a nearby apartment. Even if you don’t live in the house, you can take part in our meal plan which provides breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I am not the fraternity type:  Visiting at SigEp you will quickly realize that there is no such thing as a “fraternity type” at SigEp. Our members have very different personalities, are studying different majors, and come from all different kinds of background and belief structures. Many never thought they would join a fraternity until they came to SigEp.

I don’t want to live in the house:  No member is required to live in the house. Also, not living in the house will in no way hinder your involvement in the chapter. We have many very active brothers who choose not to live in the house.

No Pledging / No Hazing

Upon accepting a bid to join, a new member is granted the full rights and privileges of a member, and is treated with the respect and dignity of a brother of our fraternity. We believe that in no way can hazing help a person’s development as a Leader, Scholar, Athlete, and Gentleman.

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