Ohio Theta Alumni Golf Outing

30th Annual Ohio Theta Golf Outing – 2019
Benefiting the Don Hoback Scholarship Fund

All alumni and undergrad brothers are invited! If you haven’t come out and played before, we hope you will join us this year! Signing up individually is a great way to get on a team– we will work with you to place you on a foursome.

When – June 1, 2019 

Where – Pebble Creek Golf Course
9799 Prechtel Rd
Cincinnati, Ohio 45252

Who: All alumni and undergraduate brothers are invited! We have many brothers who register individually– we will work with you to place you on a foursome.

Cost – Early Bird price is $85 until May 18. After that, price is $95 per player. The registration fee includes all greens fees, golf cart rental, refreshments during the round, the buffet dinner, and prizes. Please note that all alcoholic beverages must be purchased at the course

Sign up: Click here to register online or Click here to register by postal mail

Format – Four man scramble. All players will be notified of tee position prior to the event.

Inclement Weather: In case of inclement weather, please contact the course or Greg Miles. It is course policy not to schedule rain dates and we will be held liable for the food even if the course is unplayable.

Sponsorships: We are looking for sponsorships! If you or your business would like to sponsor, please Contact Us

Wow, What A Hole!

extra large hole
Every year we conduct the alumni golf outing.  The format is a four-man scramble.  We don’t worry about handicaps so we let the guys make up their own teams.  One year we couldn’t believe it when a foursome of all average players actually won the tournament by one stroke.  We questioned the score, but all the guys in the group swore that it was real, so we awarded them the trophy.  A few months later we found out that the group had decided any ball within two feet of the cup was a “gimme”– and that their definition of “gimme” was that the putt was good without costing them a stroke.  In other words, they played the whole round with a four-foot diameter cup!

Hall of Champions

29June 2, 2018Pebble Creek Golf CourseJ. Kroeger, A. Kroeger, B. Finke, R. Reesephotos
28June 3, 2017Pebble Creek Golf CourseM. Kingan, M. Del Favero, J. Haverkamp, D. Johnstonphotos

27June 4, 2016Pebble Creek Golf CourseJ. Roessler '02, M. Bahr '03, S. Fingerman, S. Cosgrove '05photos
26May 30, 2015Pebble Creek Golf CourseJ. Roessler '02, M. Bahr '03, S. Cosgrove '05, and G. Cook '06photos
25May 31, 2014Pebble Creek Golf CourseM. Kingan, M. Del Favero, J. Haverkamp, D. Johnston
24June 1, 2013Pebble Creek Golf CourseM. Kingan, M. Del Favero, J. Haverkamp, D. Johnston
23June 2, 2012Pebble Creek Golf CourseW. Thomas, N. Siegert, M. Brown, M. Schwartzphotos
22June 4, 2011Pebble Creek Golf CourseM. Kingan, M. Del Favero, J. Haverkamp, D. Johnston
21May 29, 2010Pebble Creek Golf CourseM. Kingan, M. Del Favero, J. Haverkamp, D. Johnston
20May 30, 2009Pebble Creek Golf CourseG. Miles, S. Miles, R. Fleming, R. Fleming
19June 7, 2008Pebble Creek Golf CourseT. Guffey, C. Berardinis, R. Medina, S. Carrphotos
18June 2, 2007Pebble Creek Golf CourseD. Burns, J. Moine, K. Smith, A. Grant
17June 3, 2006Pebble Creek Golf CourseT. Guffey, C. Beradinis, M. Burch, M. Molinari
16June 4, 2005Pebble Creek Golf CourseK. Smith, D. Burns, M. Moschel, A. Grant
15June 5, 2004Pebble Creek Golf CourseT. Guffey, C. Berardinis, D. Burns, M. Molinari
14May 31, 2003Pebble Creek Golf CourseR. Wickert, E. Wickert, J. Kindsvatter, J.Abraham
13June 1, 2002Pebble Creek Golf CourseR. Kurzynski, G.Stires, K. Lefler, J. Schafer
12June 3, 2001Pebble Creek Golf CourseR. Wickert, E.Wickert, J.Kindsvatter, A. Toft
11June 3, 2000Pebble Creek Golf CourseR. Kurzynski, R. Knight, J. Richard, R. Fleming
10June 5, 1999Pebble Creek Golf CourseM. Burch, S. Burch, C. Berardinis, T. Guffey
9May 30, 1998Pebble Creek Golf CourseR. Flemming, T. Timmel, G.Stires, K. Lefler
8May 31, 1997Pebble Creek Golf CourseT. Gerdes, G. Argue
7June 1, 1996Pebble Creek Golf Course??
6June 3, 1995Crooked Treee Golf Course??
5June 4, 1994Boone Links Golf CourseC. Stires, D. Griffin
4June 5, 1993Boone Links Golf CourseR. Kurzynski, C. Willianson
31992Indian Valley Golf Course??
2June 1, 1991Indian Valley Golf CourseR. Kurzynski, S. Epply, D. Duba, C. Willianson
11990Indian Valley Golf Course??